Black Water Minerals 1l


Our Black Water Mineral is perfect for the treatment of your aquarium water and provides optimal supply of your black water fish with minerals and trace elements.

Black Water Mineral consists of very high quality special salts that have been specially developed for black water fish. This liquid gives your animals all valuable minerals and trace elements, which are indispensable for your fish and prevents a too low concentration of the elements, which leads to deficiency symptoms. That can cause bad effects, such as gill cap shortening, holes in the head or fins.

Black Water DOES NOT increase carbonate hardness, as excessive carbonate hardness is detrimental to blackwater fish. Therefore, it should not rise above the value of KH7. You do not have to worry about our product.

The benefits of Black Water Mineral: The contained salts can not segregate during transport, which is possible with dry salts, Black Water Mineral can always adjust the exact water parameters without the risk of a false ion ratio.

Black Water Mineral consists of two components. You only need 10ml of Solution 1 and 10ml of Solution 2 for 100L fresh water (osmosis water / distilled water or soft tap water) and cure the water by 6 dGH. This corresponds to about 200 microsiemens. If a lower or higher total hardness is desired, the product can be dosed higher or lower.

1L corresponds to 500ml solution 1 and 500ml solution 2

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Discus Minerals & Trace Elements

Our recommendation

Minerals and trace elements, as well as vitamins, are indispensable for the health of the organism.
If minerals and trace elements are consumed in the aquarium and not redosed, it can lead to some devastating deficiency symptoms. With Dan's Discus Minerals you can counteract that.

The positive features:
Minerals and trace elements strengthen both the bone structure and the immune system and bow for example the hole disease caused by deficiency symptoms. Also, they are of importance for healthy growth of your offspring and juvenile, which in case of lack of minerals and trace elements could suffer from malformations, e.g. at the gills or fins.

Dosage: 5-10 ml per 100 liters of water weekly.
Ensures a stable buffering of the pH value.

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