Oak-Kh/Ph Minus

Oak Extact lowers pH and KH, which is improving the living conditions of fish without causing water turbidity.

A combination of humic and oak extract is ideal if you want to have amber colored water.
(Humin available in the shop)
The ingredients improve the water quality.

Ideal is oak extract for fish that require water in the slightly acidic to acidic range.
Perfect it is also to produce breeding water and to achieve better breeding success.
The fish show their natural coloring even more pronounced.

We recommend a slow lowering of the pH.
Not more than 0.5 hours and not more than 10 ml per 100 liters of aquarium water for hours.
Then work the oak extract and check the water levels.

Do not overdose.
After each dosing we recommend to check your water levels to ensure a slow lowering of the pH.

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Catappa Liquid 1000ml.

our recommendation

Catappa is known to insiders for its antibacterial effect under the name almond tree leaves and is useful in a variety of applications, such as Wounds, fungal infections, parasitic infestation, hole disease in discus, mucosal damage, fin rot, spawning fungus, and many more.
Since almond tree leaves disintegrate in the water after some time, so they decay and thus release unwanted substances to the water, we offer for your fish and invertebrates the extract of the almond leaves in liquid form. The positive properties are retained in this way, without the annoying side effects of the decomposing leaves in your aquarium.

Its natural extraction gives your aquarium a biotope-like and natural look. Your aquarium population will love it.

100% natural product. Instantly, in contrast to the Catappa leaves, which release their active ingredients slowly to the water.

Dosage: 10 ml per 100 liters of water weekly.

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Black Peat 1000ml.

Our Black Peat Liquid is a pure nature product. The finest highly concentrated black peat was used and prepared in a special extraction process.

Due to this process, our Black Peat Liquid is very substantial. 1Liter Black Peat Liquid is sufficient for 10,000 liters of aquarium water, this transforms your aquarium water to crystal clear nature-identical black water (tropical water) that is essential for fish such as Diskus, Altum Scalars, Armored catfishes, Salmler and South American cichlids.

It is also worth mentioning that you can use it for breeding water production. Dan's Black Peat Liquid and Dan's Blackwater make a perfect combination.
Our product is 100% phosphate free. In addition, it improves the water quality in your aquarium.

Give your animals a natural habitat with our Dan's Black Peat Liquid Extract, as the animals are used to and love. Your Fish will visibly feel better and develop their behavior completely.

Add 10ml weekly to 100 liters of water or if needed every 2-3 days 5ml to 100 liters of water.

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Redmin Amazonas.

Our Redmin is an extract made from berries, plants and tree barks, which brings three positive Features.

First, Redmin improves your water quality in the aquarium by binding and neutralizing many of the contained pollutants.
Secondly, Redmin is slightly antifungal and therefore perfectly suitable for breeding water, as the clutches are not so much endangered by fungal infestation.
And third, it has a very calming and balancing effect on your fish, since the aquarium water is close to the conditions in the natural habitat.

Redmin promotes the effect of Amazonian water and causes a slight amber-reddish water discoloration, which intensifies with regular use. Hereby you reconstruct naturally and qualitatively the waters in the Amazonas.
Put Redmin in the aquarium and you'll soon see how beneficial it is to your fish.
Dosage: 15 ml per 100 liters of water weekly.

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Black Humin.



Black Humin is a natural organic acid. Black Humin creates a black water effect and combines this in addition with some health benefits for fish, such as the containment of funghi. In addition, it facilitates the adaptation of sensitive, valuable blackwater fish.
Another positive feature of Black Humin is that the water is colored amber to deep and clear brown and thus perfectly rounds up the black water look and gives your animals the special feel-good effect.

Black Humin binds pollutants that are produced in the water due to the excrement of fish or other organisms (such as birds, invertebrates, etc.). Worms, parasites, protozoa and even heavy metals such as mercury, lead, copper and iron will be eliminated by Black Humin.

Black Humin has a slightly tanning effect and creates a protective film for the sensitive gills as well as the mucous membrane. It should also be mentioned that Black Humin is well suited against spawning fungus.
Black Humin supports the healing process of skin lesions and wounds.

3 ml per 100 l water weekly or daily 1 ml per 100 ml aquarium water for prevention.
During a quarantine: 15 ml / 100l of water.
In case of illness or in other severe cases, the dosage for about 30-60 minutes can be increased to 25 ml / 100 liters.

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