Acticarbon 500ml


!!! Our Acticarbon is a must have for all aquarium owners !!!

Reliably helps immediately with poisoning caused by overdose of medication, septic fluid discharge, local water quality or even fertilizer. Even with copper poisoning or overfeeding - Acticarbon helps directly.

Among other things, our Acticarbon contains special carbon particles that absorb heavy metals and organic compounds instantly. Ammonium is also removed quickly and reliably by Acticarbon.

In case of poisoning, give 20ml to 100L for several days. Until your water levels are good again. Then change the water. Acticarbon strongly colors the aquarium water into black. This disappears completely within 24 hours. You Van easily suck off any deposits of black residue on the floor and decoration.

Every aquarium owner should have this emergency product at Home to be ready to act in such cases immediately.

Dosage: 20ml per 100l of water

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