Black-Mosquito Dough 125g

Our new Premium Black Mosquito Dough is a specially prepared food in a doughy consistency. Our food contains the popular black mosquito larvae, which have a very high vitamin and a fish-friendly protein content.

Black mosquito larvae are often found in ponds, but it is not recommended to catch them and feed them alive to avoid the extremely high risk of bringing in parasites into the tank.

With our Black Mosquito Dough, you do not have to worry about this. You can feed it without hesitation, because it is suitable for all fish species, it is very popular especially with discus fish, any Salmonern, livebearers, carnivorous - and also catfish.

The size of your fish does not matter, because both small and larger fish can eat Black Mosquito. Thanks to its uniquely fine consistency, it can even be fed as a rearing diet with the best conscience.

You can form the dough into a small ball and then put it into the tank, for example on the glass, on stones, or other decorative items and watch your fish eating.

Staple food for all fish / catfish

Feeding instructions:
Feed several times a day in small portions.

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