Artemia Nauplia Liquid 200ml Für Süß- Meerwasserfische


Our Artemia Nauplia Liquid was made from freshly hatched Artemia Salina larvae. Size of the larvae (115-380μm), is suitable for the rearing of, for example, discus and altum larvae as well as the smallest fish and catfish, but of course it is also suitable for marine fish and corals.

By using Artemia Nauplia Liquid, your fish are fed a large amount of digestive enzymes, which the cancer forms when it hatches.
These digestive enzymes activate the gastrointestinal tract of the larvae, which is essential for every living being, so that the mortality rate of the animals is significantly reduced.
This will naturally boost the digestion and growth of juvenile fish and invertebrates.
In addition, our product contains the valuable and essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are the ideal conditions for more resistance to disease from the very beginning.
Can be used directly without annoying thawing or breeding.

Mostly you do not reach such high hatching rates when hatching yourself, these sorrows belobt to the past with Artemia Nauplia Liquid.
You also do not need expensive breeding stations, which often have an unpleasant odor after a short time. Our Artemia Nauplia Liquid doesn’t stink even after a long time.
Our bottles are equipped with a practical splash lid, so you can directly drop the food into the aquarium in the smallest quantities, exactly as you need it.
the rearing and the feeding are really fun, if it is this easy.

Artemia Nauplia Liquid is suitable for all fish and larvae up to 4-5 cm.

Feeding recommendation:
Shake bottle well before use.
We recommend to sift the Artemia Nauplia in large quantities before feeding.

Durable for at least 12 months

10% soft crustaceans, vegetable by-products, water

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