Black Peat Active (black peat granules)

Black Peat Active (Black Peat Granules with Living Bacteria) is for water treatment, especially for pH regulation of freshwater aquariums.

Our fourfold compressed processed peat granules with living bacteria ensure optimum water quality with a pH of 5.2 - 5.8. and because of that ideal for all black water fish.

The water softening is done via the gentle release of mild fulvos and water-soluble humic acids.

The handling of Black Peat Active can be done quickly and easily without much work.
All you need is a simple filter / filter tank for the filter peat granulate.

The integrated living bacteria are used to break down nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, ammonium, protect against white point disease and, with regular use, create an optimal water environment

0.5l (220g) Black Peat Active is for 500l of water.
Change interval: every 8-9 weeks, depending on pH

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