Black Jelly Balls (Long-term Bacteria) 250 pieces

Our Black Jelly Balls are made of mild microorganisms stored in a jelly-like ball andare made to improve your water quality.
The contained active bacteria stabilize the filter environment in your aquarium.

Black Jelly Balls are best suited to increase the bacterial strain in your aquarium, for example, for new arrivals or for higher feed requirements. As a result, the performance of the filter bacteria is often greatly reduced, which can form nitrite, ammonium or ammonia, which is harmful to the animals and in the worst case, even death could be the result.

Our Black Jelly Balls are activated directly after addition in the water cycle in the aquarium or directly in the filter. The bacteria immediately begin to develop their full potential. As a result, the filter materials are activated biologically immediately and ensure a long-term supply of the filter media with all important substances.

The biodegradable balls dissolve themselves after some time and release the stored bacteria until complete dissolution.

- very productive
- no water discoloration
- Promotes clear water
- immediately active
- Promote the ecological balance
- biodegradable
- immediately usable

Initial Dosing 5-6 Black Jelly Balls on 100L Aquarium Water.
As a permanent care product every 14 days 4 balls on 100L or weekly 2 balls on 100L aquarium water.

Regular replenishment is recommended to maintain healthy and clear water permanently.

Content: 250 balls

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